EMC InfoArchive is a unified archiving platform capable of storing very large volumes of related structured data and unstructured content in a single consolidated repository. InfoArchive enables corporations to preserve the value of enterprise information – to comply with long-term retention requirements – in an easily accessible unified archive.

Your data can be trapped in the applications of the past while your business stretches to the future. It’s high time we bring this data along for the ride. EMC InfoArchive software is ideal for active archiving (supporting applications in active use) and application decommissioning (retiring legacy applications). Archiving inactive data in a unified, enterprise repository with InfoArchive lets you shrink your IT, storage, and backup costs.

Key features:

  • Unified management of data and content: common record structure for archiving all information with a single, unified process
  • Standards compliant: supports OAIS standard and stores data in readable, open XML format for long-term accessibility
  • Batch and transactional ingestion: batch ingestion for mass-information archiving and transactional ingestion for immediate, ad hoc archiving
  • Configurable compliance settings for each information type: access control, traceability and logging, data encryption, masking, immutability, electronic signatures, timestamp
  • No application dependency: access content and data independent of the originating business application
  • Scalable: archive hundreds of billions of records
  • Storage choice: EMC Isilon, Data Domain, Atmos, Centera


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