Unified Communications

Like most people, you probably spend almost half your working week on the move. You might be at a conference, meeting a client, or travelling. You’re working just as hard as everyone in the office, or at least you’re trying to, or working from home. When you’re on the move, it’s really important that you can keep in touch with your colleagues and customers. And that they can keep in touch with you. No one likes missing a client’s call. With a converged fixed and mobile solution, you’ll always be in touch. It’s a bit like being at your desk while on the go, with the best possible connection.


Are you missing calls and customers and revenue?  All too often calls are missed – they ring on the landline when you’re on the mobile, or ring on the mobile when you’re in a meeting. That can lead to frustrated customers and (considering a lost customer call can lose you £1,230 on average3) lost revenue.

You pay more if you keep your fixed and mobile networks separate. If you don’t have one provider for your landline and mobile coverage, you have to manage two suppliers and two sets of bills. That’s double the time. And if you’re like everyone else, you probably make lots of calls on your mobile, even when the landline is sat next to you. It’s a lot easier – you’ve got everyone’s number in there. But it can be more expensive.

Connecting people on the move isn’t easy. When you’re out and about you still need to be able to do your job properly. But with poor mobile coverage, or slow speeds you’ll have trouble making and receiving calls, emailing, sharing files and editing documents on your mobile. You could be up to 20%4 less productive than your office-based colleagues.

You have to keep business data and client information secure. Many of us have lost a mobile, or had one stolen. So if you access important business information on the move, you need to be sure it’s really safe. If it’s not, you could damage your business reputation. And losing information is expensive. A single significant mobile security breach could cost more than £30,0005 to identify and fix. You could also be fined up to £500,0006.

Some of the solutions and Services we provide

Unified communications

  • Conferencing and collaboration
  • Hosted UC services
  • IP telephony
  • Voice Virtual Private Network
  • Unified communications solutions

Calls & lines services

  • Business exchange lines
  • Calls packages
  • Lines packages
  • Value Add analytics

Starting up

  • Broadband and phone lines
  • Getting a website
  • Selling online
  • Phone systems


  • Transferring broadband
  • Moving phone lines and numbers


  • Connecting two sites
  • Cloud services
  • Calls over the internet (VoIP)

Broadband & internet

  • Broadband
  • Fibre broadband
  • Leased line

Packages & applications

  • Broadband & phone line
  • Fibre broadband & phone line
  • Office 365


  • VoIP
  • SIP
  • Phone systems
  • Phone lines
  • Mobile
  • Call plans & packages


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