ViRSO Tld. (“ViRSO”) created this Cookie Policy to help you learn about how we use browser cookies and other device identifying technologies (collectively, “Cookies”) on our websites, on ViRSO software applications (“apps”), through other means offered and controlled by ViRSO that link to this Cookie Policy (collectively, the “Services”) and in the emails that ViRSO sends to you. We use Cookies to receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with our Services and emails to improve the performance of our Services, distinguish you from other users of our Services, and enhance your user experience when you use our Services.

You have the option to manage the Cookies that you want to accept from our Services, including to disable some of them as we detail below in the section titled: How to Opt-Out by Disabling and Blocking Our Cookies.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on your browser or the hard drive of your computer when you visit our Services, and contain information that may identify you and your preferences whenever you return to our Services. They are not computer programs and they cannot access your hard drive or the information stored in it. We may also collect information from Cookies associated with your device, such as your mobile device identifier. ViRSO uses a variety of Cookies, as set forth in our Cookie Policy Appendix. For more detail about how they work, please go to

How Are Cookies Used?

We may use Cookies on our Services for security and online tracking purposes, to facilitate navigation and display information more effectively, to monitor the success of our Services and ad campaigns, and to deliver more relevant advertising to our users throughout their online experience (sometimes called online behavioral advertising). We also use Cookies to gather information about your interactions with us, and your use of the Services. We do this to improve the user experience and the design and functionality of our Services.

What Cookies Does ViRSO Use?

We set out a detailed list of the Cookies we use in our Cookie Policy Appendix, and include here a summary of how they work.

Essential Cookies

Essential Cookies allow you to move around our Services more freely and securely. For example, the essential Cookies we use collect session ID and user authentication information, which allows registered users to perform multiple actions within the same Service visit without having to repeatedly re-enter log-in details each time they navigate to a new webpage or perform a new function. These Cookies also help ensure that you can access registered-user-only pages, load web pages faster, and improve overall Service performance, like being able to easily share content.

These Cookies do not gather information about you that could be used for marketing or advertising purposes or remember where you have been on the internet.

We set the applicable essential Cookies when you visit our Services because you will not be able to use our Services properly without them.

Analytics Cookies

Analytics Cookies track user behavior on our Services, such as by counting the number of visitors and how they move around our Services. This helps us improve content and the user experience by doing things such as collecting information about how you use our Services (e.g., which pages you visit, if you experience any errors) and how you interact with our communications. The information collected by these Cookies is used only to help us improve our Services, better understand user interests, and measure the effectiveness of our advertising generally.

If you disable these Cookies, we will not be able to learn how you utilize our Services, and our ability to improve the content and operation of our Services will be impaired.

Functionality Cookies

Functionality Cookies allow us to manage and control variations of Services, understand which pages are most successful, and provide enhanced services, like being able to watch a video or comment on a blog. ViRSO also uses functionality Cookies to collect information regarding your preferences on our Services, including your preferences for language, currency, text size, fonts, and any other parts of our Services that are customizable. If you disable these Cookies, we will not be able to remember your Service preferences and you will have to reset those preferences each time you visit our Services.

What Third-party Cookies Are Used on the Services?

We also use a variety of third-party Cookies on our Services for advertising purposes, as well as to provide analytics and functionality enhancements. We set out a list of the third party-managed Cookies we use in our Cookie Policy Appendix, and include here a summary of how they work.

Analytics Cookies

We use third-party analytics Cookies to help monitor traffic on our Services by collecting information about how people use our Services, including information on the number of visitors to our Services, the webpages they visited, how long they spent there, what they clicked on, and how they navigated to and within our Services. ViRSO uses this information to compile reports and to help us improve our Services based on usage.

We may also use third-party analytics Cookies to help perform market research and revenue tracking, optimize functionality, and monitor compliance with our terms and conditions.

Functionality Cookies

We use third-party functionality Cookies to provide enhanced services, such as allowing you to watch a video or comment on a blog.

Advertising Cookies

Like many companies, we use Cookies to track the efficiency of our online advertising campaigns and marketing communications, and to deliver advertisements more relevant to you and your interests. These Cookies include ad tracking Cookies, which ViRSO uses to collect data about when you visit our Services, what advertisements you view, and how you interact with our communications. These third-party advertising Cookies may also track your internet journey beyond our Services and across other websites and services in their networks. If they do, these Cookies store information about what you are looking at when you visit our Services and other third-party services, and you may see advertisements that may be about ViRSO or third-parties.

How to Opt-out by Disabling and Blocking Our Cookies

Unless you adjust your browser settings to refuse browser Cookies, our Services will issue browser Cookies as soon as you visit one of our Services. Once you have browser Cookies enabled and you visit one of our Services, we store one or more browser Cookies on your computer or device to remember you for the next time you visit. These Cookie(s) do not persist and eventually expire; however, you can update your cookies settings to delete them if you so choose before they expire by deleting your browser cookies using your Internet browser settings.

If you do not want to accept browser Cookies, you may in some cases simply configure your browser settings so that your browser: (a) declines browser Cookies automatically or (b) gives you the choice of declining or accepting a particular browser Cookie from a particular Service. You may also want to “limit ad tracking” by configuring your settings on your mobile device directly.

If you choose to reject browser Cookies, our Services may be disabled or their functionality may be impaired. In addition, turning off your browser’s cookies will prevent Cookies from measuring the relevance and effectiveness of our Services, e-mails, and advertising. You will continue to receive advertisements from third parties and possibly even from ViRSO, but they would not be customized to reflect your interests. We do not control whether these ads are displayed to you.

If you disable essential Cookies, you may not be able to log in, download materials and products, or use single sign on to access the ViRSO support and partner portals or ViRSO Answers, among other Services. If you disable non-essential Cookies, the Services should still operate overall, but you may not be able to download or view certain content.

For more on how to disable or block Cookies from your browser or mobile device see or See also Cookie Policy Appendix, where we provide additional information about the privacy policies and opt-out instructions for the first and third-party Cookies we use.

Additional Third-party Providers and Their Services

We use additional services from third parties such as Google to deliver our ads to you during your online experience and while you use those third-party platforms. We set out a detailed list of those additional third-party services in our Cookie Policy Appendix, and include here a summary of how they work.

We work with third-parties to create customer lists to use in delivering targeted advertisements to existing and prospective customers on third-party platforms and throughout your online experience beyond those platforms. When we create these customer lists, your personal data is uploaded to the third-party’s system that promptly transforms it into a hashed format (pseudonymous data). Then, the unique hashed ID is matched with a unique hashed ID (also pseudonymous data) that is generated by the third-party’s system from the personal data they collect from you. You can update your settings at any time regarding receiving advertisements by adjusting your ad preferences with the third-party platform.

If you have opted out of receiving our marketing communications when you interact with us, or where you have subsequently unsubscribed from our emails, we will not share your details with third parties as described above. Please know that you may still see our non-targeted advertisements while you are online if your interest settings on such third-party platforms are aligned to an audience segment (pre-defined by the third-party platforms) associated with our business. We do not control whether these ads are displayed to you. Please see the relevant links in our Cookie Policy Appendix for details on how to learn more and manage ad settings.

Likewise, we have no control over, and are not responsible for, the cookies, tracking technologies, or advertising processes of third-party services that you may visit, including the services of any of our partners or advertising affiliates. If you would like more information about the cookies used on third-party services, or if you would like to disable cookies from any third-party service, please refer to the privacy policy or cookies information on the relevant service.

Updates to This Cookie Policy

We may change this Cookie Policy from time to time. Please look at the “Last Updated” legend at the top of this page to see when this Cookie Policy was last revised. Your acceptance of Cookies following the “Last Updated” date means that you accept the Cookie Policy as revised as of that date.

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