ViRSO IT Solutions

ViRSO IT Solutions are based on end to end business continuity and integrity requirements with expertise that builds on the solutions and strengths of industry-leading partners.

Our solutions portfolio includes Converged, Hyper converged, Software defined platforms and services underpinned by robust infrastructure and orchestration and management, to include applications, access devices, disaster recovery, hybrid cloud and Geo clustering. Our services also include application and data acceleration, compression and deduplication.


At ViRSO IT, we pride ourselves in our consultative approach to Storage that has made us a leader in the industry. We enable fast, flexible hybrid storage geographical or cloud based, reducing the time and cost required


Virtual Resource is an on demand access to highly skilled personnel on or offshore. Customers request one or more business processes or skill sets and ViRSO IT, in turn, owns, administrates and manages the requirements.


We believe that an IT security strategy aligned to the needs of your business is essential to future growth and innovation. Our solutions help you protect your whole enterprise, inside and out, efficiently and proactively.


ViRSO IT is a proven provider of platforms and products that delivers a highly scalable business solution for management of all types of digital and application content, centrally managed, globally resourced and utilised.


ViRSO IT Implement, deploy, upgrade, consolidate, manage and enhance both Public and private infrastructures and datacentres to maximise output while minimising cost delivering international standards, locally.


ViRSO IT cloud computing solutions provide simplicity, security, governance and speed for your private, hybrid and managed clouds. Transform to hybrid IT for greater agility, reduced costs and improved efficiency


Virtualization is universally adopted in Datacentres globally gives you a way to easily migrate and balance workloads based on performance requirements and is useful when your workloads or infrastructure changes. 


ViRSO IT Suite of Back-Up and DR solutions simplifies data protection choices, making it easier than ever for you to access best-in-class replication, backup, archive and site availability solutions to fit your specific needs.

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